ABYS Registration Spring 2015

Acton-Boxborough Youth Soccer partners with AdminSports.com, an online youth sports service provider, to process online registrations.

Important information for Parents:


Spring 2015 Registration Deadlines

  • U9 - U14 Travel ~ December 15, 2014 (waitlist as of December 16, 2014)
  • U15 - U18 Travel ~ February 4th, 2015 (waitlist as of February 5th, 2015)
  • U7 - U12 In-town programs ~ February 11, 2015 (waitlist as of February 12, 2015)
  • Pre-K/MicroSoccer and Kinders ~ February 11, 2015 (waitlist as of February 12, 2015)

If you're not sure which age group your child belongs in, please Click here

For Spring program dates please refer to our calendar by clicking here


Spring 2015 Registration Fees

Note that $15 per registration supports the Lower Fields Project at ABRHS.

$95 for MicroSoccer program for Pre-K players (8 weeks on Sundays)

$95 for Kinders program players (8 weeks on Sundays)

$125 for U7-U12 Intramural town program players (10 weeks on Saturdays)

$150 for U9-U14 travel players (10 weeks on Saturdays)

$150 for U15 - U18 travel players (7 weeks on Sundays in BAYS)

There is a $395 Family Maximum

If registered by the above deadlines you will be guaranteed a place on a team. Registrations will be accepted after the above date on a space available basis, a non-refundable $25 late fee will be added and your child will be waitlisted until a slot opens up.

Please Note: Registration fees are only refundable until two weeks before the season's first scheduled games. A $25.00 admin fee, plus any late fee incurred, will be retained to withdraw a registered player prior to that time. The withdrawal deadlines for Spring 2015 are listed below.

Players will not be placed on a team until payment has been received

By registering your child you agree to abide by our parental conduct policy


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NEW USER? There are 4 steps for online registration

For CURRENT USERS: Click on the link to proceed & go to step 3 and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you plan to COACH register immediately when you register your child.

Follow these steps after clicking the link below:

  1. Family Setup: You will only have to do this the first time you register. Please use an e-mail address you check regularly. If you forget your password, you will need your correct e-mail address.
  2. Player Setup: Again, you will only have to do this once for each player.
  3. Registration for the season: This section contains the information for each player for the current season; grade, health insurance information, emergency contact, medical information and contact.
  4. Checkout: You may pay by credit card, check or request a scholarship. No child will be denied the opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.

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Parents interested in coaching/volunteering

You will be prompted when registering your child. Please make sure that the coach's actual date of birth, email address and contact information is in the coaches file and not the spouse's.

For mandatory CORI checks please click on the link below:


Please fill out all the information, the name of the organization is Acton-Boxborough Youth Soccer.


Having a problem registering?

In some circumstances, such as if you use a popup blocker, you may have a problem reaching the registration site through the link above. In that case, try cutting and pasting the following link directly into your browser's address bar:


Also, some corporate and university firewalls do not allow access to this registration site. If you have trouble with access at work, please try again at home.

The registration site is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 4 and above, Firefox, Safari, and most versions of Netscape and AOL. It may or may not work with browsers other than these.

If you have a problem or have made a mistake, please e-mail registrar@abys.org



Registration fees are refundable until two weeks before the season's first scheduled games. A $25.00 admin fee, plus any late fee incurred, will be retained to withdraw a registered player prior to that time.

The withdrawal deadlines for Spring 2015 are:

Micros/Kinders ~ March 29th, 2015

U7 - U12 intramural town programs ~ March 28th, 2015

U9 - U14 travel programs ~ March 28th, 2015

U16 - U18 travel programs ~ April 12th, 2015

No refund will be available after these dates.

Late fees are always nonrefundable. Requests for refunds must be made in writing by the parent or legal guardian by e-mail to Holly Fitzgerald, ABYS Registrar registrar@abys.org


Please note that AdminSports, Inc. does not have the authority to issue refunds.


2014 - 2015* Age Guidelines


 Description Gender Eligible Birthdays 2014-15  Typical grade
 U5 Micros Coed 8/1/2009 to 7/31/2010 Pre-School
 U6 Kinders Girls & Boys 8/1/2008 to 7/31/2009 Kindergarten
 U7 Town Girls & Boys 8/1/2007 to 7/31/2008 1
 U8 Town Girls & Boys 8/1/2006 to 7/31/2007 2
 U9 BAYS (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/2005 to 7/31/2006 3
 U9/U10 Town Girls & Boys 8/1/2004 to 7/31/2006 3 and 4
 U10 BAYS (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/2004 to 7/31/2005
 U11/U12 Town Girls & Boys 8/1/2002 to 7/31/2004 5 and 6
 U11 BAYS (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/2003 to 7/31/2004 5
 U12 BAYS (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/2002 to 7/31/2003 6
 U14 BAYS (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/2000 to 7/31/2002 7 and 8
 U16 NVYSL (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/1998 to 7/31/2000 9 and 10
 U18 NVYSL (Travel) Girls & Boys 8/1/1996 to 7/31/1998 11 and 12

*Note: The age group year runs from August 1st until July 31st. If the player does not fall within the typical grade and birth date guidelines, please contact the ABYS Registrar at registrar@abys.org.