Referees FAQs


How do I become a referee?

Classes to become a referee are offered by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee.
Click here to go directly to the massref.net "how to become a referee" page.

What is the age at which I can become a referee?

The minimum age to become a referee is 14. Massref.net provides information explaining the process of becoming a referee and the age requirements, as well as allows anyone interested to sign up for a certification class.

Which class should I sign up for to get started as a referee?

Generally, anyone interested in becoming a referee (your son/daughter) should sign up for an introductory class for a "grade 8" level referee certification.

Where are classes held for referee certification?

Classes are offered in many surrounding towns on a regular basis, and sometimes in Acton/Boxborough. If none of the classes listed are convenient for you (your son/daughter), keep checking back as the massref.net schedule often changes.

How do I get referee assignments in Acton/Boxborough?

When you have successfully completed certification contact: Blaine Carroll (refereeassignor@abys.org). He will then get you placed into the ref pool.

Will ABYS pay for my referee training?

ABYS does reimburse referees for their class fees. Reimbursement will typically be included when you receive your first pay check after refereeing an ABYS assigned game.