FAQ's for Parents about playing ABYS in High School

Attention Parents of High School players.

In the fall, ABYS High School aged teams participate in the Nashoba Valley Soccer Youth League (http://www.nvysl.org) which is made up of teams from neighboring towns the Nashoba Valley region. NVYSL Teams play a 7-game schedule on Sunday afternoons (no games on Columbus Day Weekend), usually beginning the third week of September.

The High School divisions in the NVYSL are intended for all players; however, due to MIAA rules concerning player prioritiy, it is not typical for players otherwise rostered on a high school (JV or varsity) or club soccer team to play. ABYS teams are typically divided into two age groups (freshman/junior and sophomore/senior). Due to registration distribution we sometimes need to place some of the younger players on an older team. While this may seem a little intimidating for underclassmen it invariably leads to some strong friendships across the classes; there is nothing quite as empowering as having an upperclassmen recognize you in the hallway!

The games are played in the 8v8 format, and following standard FIFA rules, modified for 8v8 play (smaller field, goals, etc.). Players will use the standard ABYS uniform that they may already own. The standard ABYS uniform kit may be purchased at Soccer Stuff on the Great Road in Acton.

High School presents challenges in terms of academics and participation in school activities. As a result, coaches recognize that players may not be able to attend all practices. Since this is recreational soccer with the goal of equal playing time and providing an avenue for players to keep up with the sport, attendance at practice is not absolutely critical, but nice to have.

ABYS supports the Zero Tolerence Policy in all its programs. The NVYSL league, as well as the BAYS league, also support adherence to the zero-tolerance policy. All participants are also expected to abide by the strict players' code of conduct (as defined by the Mass Youth Soccer Association).

In the spring, all ABYS high school age players return to the BAYS soccer league (bays.org), playing in a standard 11v11 format.

We hope this helps answer your questions. If you need more details or have additional questions please contact your division director or you can contact the ABYS Registrar by email registrar@abys.org