ABYS Leadership, Directors & Coaching Staff

All inquiries should be directed to info@abys.org, except for those names in blue below.

Leadership & Directors:

Position Contact
President Chris Habersaat
Treasurer Mark Alcaide
Executive Director Dave Scheuer
Secretary Fred Dushin
Field Scheduling Ernst Oddsund
BAYS Relations Joe Will
Referee Director Blaine Carroll
Town/School Liaison Dave Wilson
Girls Divisions Contact
Girls High School Chip Orcutt
Girls Under 14 Dave Scheuer
Girls Under 13 Jon Sundstrom
Girls Under 12 Chuck Sullivan
Girls Under 11 Mike Krol
Girls Under 10 Chris Campbell
Girls Under 9 Alycen Nigro
Girls Under 8 Ron Lapinski
Girls Under 7 Raj Manchanda
Boys Divisions Contact
Boys High School Eddie Rubin
Boys Under 14 Mike Krol
Boys Under 13 Joe Hora
Boys Under 12 Omar Tizi-ougdal
Boys Under 11 David Morse
Boys Under 10 Fred Dushin
Boys Under 9 Peter Henry
Boys Under 8 Shaheen Ali
Boys Under 7 Thomas Lent
Youth Divisions Contact
Kinders (Under 6) Program Coordinators Scott Sullivan (Girls)
Rob Bukowski (Boys)
MicroSoccer (Under 5) Program Coordinators Alexander Lenz (Girls & Boys)



Position Contact Phone
Director of Coaching (Bio) Mitch Doherty 978-844-6589 mobile
Registrar Holly Fitzgerald  
Player Development Coach (Bio) Leanne Champ 617-319-6702 mobile
Player Development Coach (Bio) Steve Cimino 617-448-7292 mobile


Sportsmanship Review Committee

Contact: src@abys.org
Dave Wilson
Martin Green
Dave Scheuer
Seth Tower
Bill Froberg
Chris Habersaat, ex officio


At Large Board Members

Seth Tower
Martin Green
Bill Froberg
Jim Tabner