ABYS Leadership, Directors & Coaching Staff

All inquiries should be directed to info@abys.org, except for those names in blue below.

Leadership & Directors:

Position Contact
President Chris Habersaat
Treasurer Mark Alcaide
Executive Director Dave Scheuer
Secretary Fred Dushin
Field Scheduling Ernst Oddsund
BAYS Relations Joe Will
Referee Director Blaine Carroll
Town/School Liaison Dave Wilson
Girls Divisions Contact
Girls High School Chip Orcutt & Dave Scheuer
Girls Under 14 Jon Sundstrom
Girls Under 13 Chuck Sullivan
Girls Under 12 Mike Krol
Girls Under 11 Chris Campbell
Girls Under 10 Alycen Nigro
Girls Under 9 Ron Lapinski
Girls Under 8 Alexander Lenz
Girls Under 7 Scott Sullivan
Boys Divisions Contact
Boys High School Eddie Rubin & Mike Krol
Boys Under 14 Joe Hora
Boys Under 13 Omar Tizi-ougdal
Boys Under 12 David Morse
Boys Under 11 Fred Dushin
Boys Under 10 Peter Henry
Boys Under 9 Shaheen Ali
Boys Under 8 Thomas Lent
Boys Under 7 Gary Sullivan
Youth Divisions Contact
Kinders (Under 6) Program Coordinators TBD (Girls)
TBD (Boys)
MicroSoccer (Under 5) Program Coordinators TBD (Girls & Boys)



Position Contact Phone
Director of Coaching (Bio) Mitch Doherty 978-844-6589 mobile
Registrar Holly Fitzgerald  
Player Development Coach (Bio) Leanne Champ 617-319-6702 mobile
Player Development Coach (Bio) Steve Cimino 617-448-7292 mobile


Sportsmanship Review Committee

Contact: src@abys.org
Dave Wilson
Martin Green
Dave Scheuer
Chip Orcutt
Bill Froberg
Chris Habersaat, ex officio


At Large Board Members

Martin Green
Bill Froberg
Jim Tabner