About Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer (ABYS)


Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer (ABYS) is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization whose tax ID number is 04-2786716. ABYS provides approximately 1700 boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall. We are the largest youth sports organization in Acton-Boxborough and among the largest youth soccer associations in Massachusetts.

ABYS age groups kick off with MicroSoccer for pre-kindergartners and Kinders soccer for players enrolled in kindergarten. The youngest age groups begin their soccer development with individual ball skills in a clinic format and 3v3 games.

As players grow, they progress through game formats to play 4v4, 6v6 and then 8v8 during their years of elementary school. Our In-House intramural program runs through U12, generally 6th grade, and emphasizes constant and expanding skill development and maturation. The ABYS Travel program begins at U9, generally 3rd grade, and continues through U12 for those players who try out and are selected to play in a more competitive environment frequently traveling up to an hour or more for away games.

At U13, generally 7th grade, all players enter the U14 Travel program playing in the 11v11 format versus teams of similar skill in the 4 divisions of the BAYS league.

On your registration, you may request a coach. Please limit your choices and expectations in this regard, and understand that, while your requests will be given consideration by your child's respective division directors and coaches, we cannot guarantee that every request will be met.

If your child is U9 through U12, typically 3rd through 6th grade, you will need to select either the travel or town registration option. Please indicate your preference when registering online. Selecting travel only means that you have articulated the desire for your son or daughter to be considered for placement on a travel team. Keep in mind that ABYS limits its travel teams in ages U9 though U12 to those teams capable of competing in BAYS at the competitive level of Division 1 or 2. While there is value in travel play at these ages for exceptional players, we believe that we can provide an intramural soccer experience that is at least the equivalent of BAYS division 3, with much less travel time throughout the greater Boston area.

Our division directors, professional development coaches, and our parent and highs school volunteer coaches are at the heart of what makes this program among the most successful youth soccer programs in the state. They regularly meet and communicate by e-mail on a wide array of topics, primarily centered on the continued and steady development of ALL soccer players involved in the ABYS program. As a group, they make every effort to make open-minded, fair, and comparative evaluations of their players throughout the season and try their level best to match this skill with the best opportunity we can make available for each child going forward.

One of the very best ways to have more impact on ABYS is to become more involved yourself as a volunteer. This goes for our coaches too! We are blessed with many volunteers who have played the game in their own youth, some at a very high level. We also have many who continue to play amateur league soccer through their forties and beyond. ABYS offers ongoing training sessions and special topic clinics, targeting many different levels of coaching, throughout the year. Look for them on the ABYS calendar page.


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