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US Youth Soccer Education Materials

Documents found below are from the US Youth Soccer website (ww.usyouthsoccer.org). Many more documents including player, coach and parent help files, videos, session plans and game strategies are also available from US Youth Soccer. You will also find some useful website links further down this page. For any clarification, or questions regarding these documents, or questions regarding other websites, please contact the ABYS Director of Coaching (Mitch Doherty) on doc@abys.org or (978) 844.6589.

Documents linked from this page are:

1. Full US Soccer Player Development National Curriculum. This document is broken into 4 parts to ease downloading. The two largest documents are in .zip files for further compression to minimize download time.

2. Player Development Model - created by US Youth Soccer - The US Youth Soccer Player Development Model is written as a complementary publication to the U.S. Soccer Player Development Guidelines – Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the US. (2.74 MB as a .pdf download)

3. Vision document – created by US Youth Soccer – How do we measure success? (0.4 Mb as .pdf)

4. Skills School manual (A DVD will soon be available from US Youth Soccer to accompany this document) (7.06 Mb as .pdf)

5. Small Sided Games – A manual describing how to manage and create optimal learning from small sided games (3.14 Mb as .pdf)

6. The Players Guide – US Youth soccer, information and tips for player who want to improve their game (1.04 Mb as .pdf)


Useful Coaching Soccer Links

In order to supplement the ABYS coaching curriculum – and to provide a much broader view of the game of soccer - ABYS would like to provide some links to websites which contain a myriad of useful information

  • US soccer associations
  • European Soccer (football) associations
    • FIFA - World governing body for soccer (Football)
    • UEFA - European governing body for soccer
    • English FA - English governing body for soccer
  • Miscellaneous soccer help websites
    • Success In Soccer - Website providing tips and strategies for coaches / players
    • Ask The REF - Website providing insight into the rules of the game
    • Soccer Fitness - Website providing information about fitness in soccer
    • Soccer Parents - Website providing resources for soccer parents