FAQ's for Parents about playing ABYS in 7th and 8th grade

Attention Parents of next fall's 7th & 8th Graders.

Each year we receive many questions regarding our fall boys and girls U13 & U14 ABYS soccer teams, schedules and practice commitments. Here is some information about the ABYS program. As more details about our fall program become available, we will send updates. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact your division director. They will do their best to help you.

The ABYS in-town league ends at U12. As many leagues around the country have combined age groups, so does BAYS at U13 and U14. All U13 players will play on ABYS travel teams in a BAYS U14 division. BAYS offers 4 divisions of play at U14 to accommodate teams and players of all skill levels. Two of these BAYS divisions are considered competitive, and two are considered recreational. The number of ABYS teams, their roster size, and the placement of teams within the BAYS U14 division will depend on the number of registrations received. Each fall we expect there will be 4-5 teams in BU14 and 4 -5 teams in GU14. We encourage all players to register for the fall ABYS season by the registration deadline. BAYS games for U14 divisions are played on Saturdays. Shortly before the fall season starts, ABYS team coaches will determine the practice schedule for their individual teams, and receive their game schedules from BAYS. There will be practices available for all the players. For those players practicing with the Jr. High or Club teams these practices may be considered optional.

We get many questions about the soccer teams at RJ Grey Jr. High. Please note that the Jr. High soccer program is run by the Acton Boxborough Regional School system, not ABYS. Information about the Jr. High soccer program will be sent to all parents of incoming 7th graders with the other information from the school.

Those who register for ABYS and later decide to play for the Junior High, and not play ABYS, will receive a refund of their registration fee less a $25 processing fee. After the registration deadline those who register will be placed on a waiting list and if there is room on the teams that ABYS registers with BAYS they may be removed from the waiting list and added to a team.

Finally, regarding notification of your child's team placement, in this age group we cannot finalize fall rosters until after the AB junior high tryouts, as some players register for ABYS, but then decide to drop ABYS. We remain flexible so that we can make last minute adjustments to rosters, and also accommodating last minute registrations. Note that this may occur up until the 1st or 2nd game of the BAYS season, so please be patient and understanding with the process as it is not an easy one.

We hope this helps answer your questions. If you need more details or have additional questions please contact your division director or you can contact the ABYS Registrar by email registrar@abys.org